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About us & how we started...

Hi I'm Lauren the founder and Director of Axlo Pet & Livestock Services.

I have always been a passionate animal lover and started my work with animals back in 2006. I was employed at a large pet store and gained a lot of valuable first hand experience of animal care and handling.

In 2009 I enrolled to Study Veterinary Nursing and began working in a small Veterinary Hospital in the Macarthur area.

Looking for an adventure, I moved to Victoria, while continuing my studies and gained employment at a large country Veterinary Hospital. I completed my Studies in 2010 and in my spare time, started to do some pet sitting work for a large pet sitting company servicing all of Victoria. I immediately fell in love with pet sitting.

At the end of 2012, my first son was born, which prompted my move back to the Macarthur area. After a period away from all the animals I began working in a busy Veterinary Hospital in Narellan. 

Mala Pet Services was born in 2016, and has been very successful since that time. I even had my second son in 2017 and refused to stop, as I love what I do! The team has expanded in the last few years. I now have the support and assistance of my husband Matt and my kids, along with a select group of passionate employees I would even trust with my own pets.

 After a huge move to the Southern Tablelands in 2018, I found there was gap for personalised pet care away from their home. This is where Pet Farm Stays were born and have been a very popular addition to our services!

In 2019 we came to the decision that we needed an identity change, to better reflect our business and how far Mala Pet Services has come. Axlo Pet & Livestock Services was registered September 2019.